Content Marketing System (Notion)

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Hi! I’m Jérémy, a Notion Ambassador who has built some pretty cool stuff on Notion, including a school and many templates beyond this one.

I built this template for myself, while creating SEO-focused content for a client. It includes pages for:

Keyword research

  • Log keyword data like search volume and difficulty

  • Create topic clusters, and see which ones are most valuable to produce

  • Link optimization reports from Clearscope/Semrush/etc.

  • Connect data to the content you’ll be creating to rank for those terms

  • Once the content is ranking, monitor its rank

Content funnel

  • Come up with content ideas of all kinds—from Ultimate Guides to blog posts to podcasts and more—and prioritize them according to keyword data, brand relevance, and preference

  • Make sure titles are within 60 characters (or as close as possible) to fit on Google SERP

  • Pull keyword data directly into content pages for easy viewing and to stay aligned

  • Identify

  • Assign writers by sharing each page with them (make sure to also share the full Keyword research page so they can see the data)

  • Set deadlines and move pieces through the funnel

  • Link to published pieces for record-keeping

Freelancer management

  • Manage creators across any trade—writing, graphic design, video & more

  • Track who’s created which pieces of content

  • Test out new creators by assigning them a piece of content

  • Give creators ownership over entire categories

In the future…

Depending on how well this template does, I’d love to expand it — there’s a lot of room for improvement in terms of managing content distribution, internal linking, backlinking, etc. There’s also a huge opportunity to automate much of the process using Zapier/Notion API.

Donations go to supporting the development of this template! 🙏

And, if you’d like to add to the template itself, email me!

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Content Marketing System (Notion)

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