Personal Growth Dashboard (Notion)

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(formerly 12-Week Year Dashboard)

If you’re a Notion-lover who wants to level up as a human, you can hardly do better than this system. 😉

I borrowed it from Adam French who loosely based it on the 12-Week Year framework.

But I renamed it to “Personal Growth Dashboard” because that’s exactly where I’m seeing the most results from its use!

I’m building awesome habits like mindfulness, gratitude, and writing. I’m reflecting on my mistakes/lessons much more insightfully, and building better relationships and healing internal struggles.

It’s truly an awesome system 👌

Productivity-wise, when used in conjunction with Sunsama or similar, it can also really help you “get more done in 12 weeks than most people do in 12 months” like the 12-Week Year promises.

Anyway, I use this every single day and it’s helped me become more mindful and strategic, in addition to increasing my overall productivity.

Highly recommend!

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Personal Growth Dashboard (Notion)

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I want this!